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Little Duck is the Key

There are simply too many companies out there claiming to sell, or tricking you into thinking they are selling you pure key lime juice. More often than not, it’s simply a flat out lie.

When we see Key & Lime together in the name of a website, or on a product label. We assume we are dealing with actual key lime. But unfortunately most companies are counting on you not knowing the difference, you’ll grab their low priced option move on.

But there is a difference, a HUGE difference. And there is a very simple way to know if what you have is pure authentic key lime juice or an imitador, taste it.

The common bulk grocery store lime AKA Persian or Tahitian is like getting licked by a puppy. A slightly tangy puppy, but a puppy none the less.  Authentic key lime juice is liked getting kicked in the face by a mule..A PISSED OFF MULE with serious mule mommy issues.

This is the reason real key limes where made famous, these tiny little golf ball size monsters pack a Mike Tyson punch that you’ll not soon forget. This means you need much less juice in recipes, and the flavor is unmistakable once you’ve had the real thing.

Since hurricanes and development wiped out commercial key lime groves in Key West Florida long ago, Key limes are now grown in very limited areas of Mexico or Peru. Which means we also have to look deeper into claims of “Mexican Lime” or “Peruvian Lime“, that does not mean KEY LIME.

Yes it can get confusing… and lots of people out there take advantage of that.